The Oil of Mercy Story

In 1989, I was infected with the herpes simplex 2 virus. I had never heard of herpes and was devastated to find out I had it. Over the last 21 years I have tried a lot of different things, beginning with the only thing the doctor’s had to offer, prescription medication. I really did not want to have to take a pill every day for the rest of my life. And they didn’t always work. I would still get an outbreak and would suffer in agonizing pain for the typical 10-14 days. I have always been into natural foods, supplements, etc., so I began to do some serious research for a natural answer to prescription drugs.

Oil of Mercy – Essential Oils for Herpes

I tried various essential oils, essential oil formulations and nutritional supplements, but they really didn’t seem to ease the suffering much. The essential oil formulation I purchased on the internet did provide some level of pain relief but not to my satisfaction. So I began researching essential oils & created my own blend.  When you have an outbreak, it is a merciful blessing to have something that speeds up the healing process & relieves the agonizing pain. I have found from my own experience and from the many people who have used my blends that the combination of very specific essential oils work synergistically to provide profound comfort.

I believe you will find our Oil of Mercy formulas to exceed your expectations, as they have mine.

Lee Curry